Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pointless activity

So, Wednesday night must be the night that I randomly sit in front of the television, because I managed to see the last 15 minutes of an episode of "Laguna Beach" that I had seen the first 15 minutes of last week. I held on and watched the first 15 minutes of the new episode, but I could tell where it was going - new girlfriend sees boyfriend kiss old girlfriend at party, angst ensues - so I just could not keep watching.

The kids on the show seem to spend 80% of their time worrying about who to be with and the rest of the time worried about who everyone else is with? Was high school really like that? Didn't we have any more pressing issues than who was with whom? I am extremely happy that I lived through that and can now obsess about my children (a lot), my job (a lot but not quite as much), the environment (not really) and the 2008 presidential election (a little). And thanks, Scott, for allowing me to not have to obsess about finding someone - I got you, babe.

Re: personal goals - mild progress to speak of. On the financial side, am reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" which comes recommended by Joe. Gustatorially (I think that's a word), only one breakfast sandwich yesterday and today, packed my lunch, no snacks at work (because we don't have any, not because I didn't go looking), one sensible dinner of noodles and chicken nuggets, but a late night smorgasbord of Wheat Thins, white American cheese and Hershey's with Almonds. Writing: this is it.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The first of 100 tries

Many administrative and communication things annoy me about the martial arts organization I was in, but I am still an adherent to the philosophies they espoused. I still believe that "honor, courtesy, integrity, perseverance (my favorite), self-control, courage and community" are important. And I always liked the idea of 100 tries - don't say something can't be done until you've tried it 100 times. That is how I feel about the many things I am trying to accomplish with my life - publishing a novel, losing weight, getting back in shape, getting out of debt, getting into a financial comfortable place, etc. - so I've decided to do this blog to give myself a place to work on those 100 tries.

Progress today:
Writing - started this blog, because writing always begets writing.
Weight - in the manner of Bridget Jones, will attempt to record eating. Today ate: sausage, egg and cheese mcmuffin, sausage and egg biscuit, medium Diet Coke (caffeinated), bbq and cheese burger at Chili's, 1/3 of the fries, four itty bitty Butterfingers, two scoops of rice, two mini meatloaves, two Hersheys with Almonds bars (one at dinner, one to follow this), another glass of Diet Coke (no caff)
Shape - nope
Debt - reconciled Amex and Visa cards, have payment plan in place to pay off everything in 59 more months
Financial comfort - nope