Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh yeah, that burning interest.

Ooooh, Joe. Caught me. "You're a writer, don't you have a blog?" Well, yes, but having it is not quite the same as using it. How pathetic that I couldn't even remember its URL - lol.

So the original premise is still valid - this is number 3 of the 100 times I have to sit down and write in this blog. I am only counting attempts that can be substantiated here, not the other attempts at NANOWRIMO (, or the little bit of top of the brain stuff I occasionally spit out.

Which I did a few weeks ago at work when I brought the typewriter into work to use for the tax returns. There is something deeply satisfying about typing on a typewriter. The hum of the machine as it waits for you to begin, the feel of the keys as you press, the sound of the little thingy hitting the paper, seeing the word be formed on the page. I'm not a Luddite in any way - I used an electric typewriter for one thing - but I totally get the appeal of sitting in front of the edifice, vibrating every so slowly under your hands and sending the letter-minions out to create new constructs. The computer just can't recreate that feeling.