Monday, December 29, 2008

The new year starts now

1. Every day, write at least 500 words. Subject is not important, production is. When this goal happens consistently for 30 days, up the minimum number of words.
I've joined Leo's New Year's Challenge to help with this:

2. Every day, read 50 pages. This should not be hard considering my obsessive desire to read, but there are days when I get in front of the computer and never seem to leave.

2a. Read all the damn books on the "to read" shelf, then sell them to the used bookstore. EDIT: I decided to sell most of them immediately, since the ones I let go were way down on the priority list anyway. $36, not bad.

3. Stop dieting and accept self as is. Exercise when and if I can and if it makes me feel better. Work on HAES - Healthy at Every Size.

3a. Toss the dieting books; not one of them does anything but make me depressed. EDIT: I forgot to sell the diet books. I'll take them tomorrow. :~)

Friday, November 21, 2008

This is a "Wordle" for my story about having surgery last summer. Coooool.

Try this at

Monday, November 03, 2008

NaNo? I don't know.

So, until Friday night (the 31st), I had every intention of participating, and winning (i.e, writing 50,000 mostly coherent words in reasonable order) NaNoWriMo this year.

Overnight Friday though, I had some personal drama happen (of which I am a partial instigator) and it made me think that the stress of NaNo combined with my other stressors (again, many of which are self-induced, I admit) might be too much. Then I got to work this morning and saw all the damn encouragement (Chris Baty's email, Colette's blog, even the Dave Ramsey-ites got it going on) and now I'm thinking that maybe I *do* want to play.

I missed opening weekend by just lazing around, going to movies and out to eat, but I know I can do this because last year I did it in, effectively, 13 days and I've still got 27 to go.

Okay, apparently I just talked myself into it. Here goes.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Please consider the environment...

before printing this email."

Have you seen this sort of tag line to email signatures lately? I've been keeping my opinions to myself, but I responded back to someone about it today from another company. Note: he asked for my opinion; I didn't just start ranting at him.

"I’m not sure what I think about admonitions about not printing stuff. Our [company-mandated] signature line is supposed to include that too, but either 1) I am sending email to people who are responsible enough to consider before they print it; 2) they need to print it as a paper trail; 3) they are dopes who print everything; or 4) some combination of the previous.

"I agree that there is a lot of waste in general, but I don’t know to measure the cost effectiveness of some of these efforts. Example: we are supposed to use washable glasses and coffee cups and plates at the office now. They want to pay me for the time I’d have to take to wash these? And if I wanted to wash dishes, I’d stay home and do that, but I can’t because I have to drive 50 miles a day/5 days a week to be here (they are not “comfortable” with telecommuting). How about if we let me work at home one day and let me use a disposable cup? That must work out better in terms of petroleum usage."

I never argue with people who say, "Have a blessed day," even though I'd prefer that they keep their deistic statements to themselves. I get that they are trying to help me along with good thoughts. But this environmental reminder is like me reminding my kids for the 1,000th time to stop running the water so much. I remind them because as their parent I am responsible for drilling some responsibility and awareness into their little heads.

Thanks, but I really don't think I need another grown-up telling me to be aware of the environment. I think it makes the sender look sanctimonious AND impersonal, instead of personal and caring, as I think is intended.

Just my electronic $.02. I will restrain myself from printing this post for future reference. LOL.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Being Zen

Okay, today I will not stress about the fact that the guy who was supposed to come on Tuesday afternoon to put up the tracking lighting in the basement is not here today, Thursday, his rescheduled day.

History: He said he'd be here last Tuesday, the 12th, in the evening to look at what needed to be done - hang a ceiling fan, fix some outlets, hang the track lighting. No show. He called Thursday to ask if he could come by on the weekend. Okay, we agreed he'd come over Sunday afternoon. I went to Home Depot Saturday, bought the fan and track lighting to be installed. He came over Sunday and got the fan up - good. Spent a couple hours investigating why the outlets in the den don't work - good. He was going to need more time to fix the outlets and install the track lighting, but the SO and I needed to go out, so we agreed he'd come over this Tuesday. No show on Tuesday. He left a phone message Wednesday afternoon - on the home phone where I wouldn't get it until I got home and so couldn't ask pointed questions - saying Wednesday or Thursday night. One of those is past and one is drawing to a close.

On the plus side, I have not paid him yet, although I offered to pay for his time to date and materials last Sunday. He's married to my cleaning lady, so it's not like I couldn't find him if I needed to, but I am just not willing to try to track him down.

I just made this quantum leap (in the sense I learned of quantums, which is they can be anywhere and can get from a moon of Jupiter to me without having to traverse the distance in between): should I be using this blog which can theoretically be seen by anyone to air my personal grievances or should I be keeping it to myself via a personal journal? I'm going with "yes" to the first part since I'd actually like a comment if you read this and cared to answer.

Got to go be mom.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Check it out

I can only sustain one blog at a time, and this month I am over in the writing group's blog at Go look.