Monday, December 29, 2008

The new year starts now

1. Every day, write at least 500 words. Subject is not important, production is. When this goal happens consistently for 30 days, up the minimum number of words.
I've joined Leo's New Year's Challenge to help with this:

2. Every day, read 50 pages. This should not be hard considering my obsessive desire to read, but there are days when I get in front of the computer and never seem to leave.

2a. Read all the damn books on the "to read" shelf, then sell them to the used bookstore. EDIT: I decided to sell most of them immediately, since the ones I let go were way down on the priority list anyway. $36, not bad.

3. Stop dieting and accept self as is. Exercise when and if I can and if it makes me feel better. Work on HAES - Healthy at Every Size.

3a. Toss the dieting books; not one of them does anything but make me depressed. EDIT: I forgot to sell the diet books. I'll take them tomorrow. :~)