Monday, May 25, 2009

From the Archive - A few more

I've collected most of my old blog posts all together here, now, except for the Health at Every Size ones that are sitting over on "Noelle is Fat and Happy." I'm planning to keep that blog up for the time being, since a bunch of my comments over the last few months include a link there.

Also, those posts have a different tenor than the one I think I want to cultivate here. The writing that I discovered I enjoyed the most was the positive-toned stuff I was doing about writing. That's what I want to do more of and be able to refer to here, so I am just leaving the link above if I want to get back over to look at the stuff on the other site.

Now I need to actually *write* a writing post. LOL. I'll go gear myself up to do that, then. (I hear Terence Stamp's voice in my head with that last sentence. I just watched "The Hit" with him in it; it was cool but odd - much like Terence.)


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