Friday, May 08, 2009

From the Archive - Tired, not rested

This was part of my contribution to our group web page - - a July 2008 mostly daily blog.

This is a rant. Prepare yourself.

My daughter will not shut up. She will not be quiet watching a movie. She will not be quiet when she’s getting ready for bed. She will not be quiet after she is in a darkened room and supposedly falling asleep. She is 45 minutes past her bedtime and has just appeared with a story about blood coming up out of her throat into her nose. Since I completely refused to give this story any credence, she gave up and went back to bed. Holy crap.

I was letting her sleep in my bed because we had thunderstorms going on and I know they upset her. My plan was to goof around on the computer in the office next door and wait for her to go to bed to start writing. Except she never SHUT UP. “Mom, can I turn the fan on?” “Mom, can I get a drink of water?” “Mom, what does punctual mean?” This last one is apparently a reference to a line in the Disney movie Aladdin. The girl cannot remember to turn the light off after she leaves the bathroom but she can remember movie lines for days. I finally had to kick her out of my room and back to hers, then make her turn off the High School Musical soundtrack she wanted to play for ambiance.

So now I am feeling beaten up and tired. I probably would have felt tired anyway since it’s almost my bedtime, but after dealing with the girl I just want to flop on the bed on my back with my mouth open and fall asleep snoring. Forget writing, or reading, or brushing my teeth, or anything. And to think I was a little miffed when she decided to stay at her dad’s last night.

That’s all I’ve got tonight. Some whining and moaning about being tired and being a parent. I’m going to go lie down in a cool, dark room and think quiet, non-Disney thoughts.

Talk to you tomorrow.

~Noelle 07/07/08

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