Thursday, June 11, 2009

Do I Already Own a Vacation Home? Doh!

While sitting in front of the computer today, reading a lot of feminist and fat acceptance blogs (that's the mood I happen to be in today), I have been thinking about the life the SO and I want to live. Part of that thought process currently involves mulling our financial situation here, which includes credit card debt, student loan debt, mortgage debt on an vacant condo and mortgage debt on our personal house. Since all of those debts are projected to be with us for a least a few years, I was trying to consider what other use we could put our assets to. One of the things the SO and I talk about is having a cabin in the mountains, projected to be sometime after we are out of debt with the cool loft in the city.

It occurred to me in a brain flash that we *have* a place out in the relative middle of nowhere - the condo. It's been unoccupied since December and seems likely to be that way for a few more months. I was just talking to the leasing agent about making the condo furnished or partly so as a way to move some of the furniture out of the main house here. Why not make it a place the SO and I can get away to? (Or maybe, a place where I can go write, if he has plans on a weekend with the BIL?) It's got a pool that we can use all summer. It's got membership rights to the country club next door if we want to go to dinner. The electricity is already turned on for the alarm system. We'd have to turn the water and gas on, but the rates would be pretty low if only used them occasionally. If we did this soon, I could take one or both kids there as a trip away from home, even.

I am now going to spend the weekend working out how much extra we would spend for basic utilities (no cable, I think) to keep it active all the time. And I'll have to talk to the leasing woman about the process of transition to renters if she gets us one. I am psyched about this. I like the idea of getting to *use* this big empty space. Also, I guess I'm a little aggravated that this did not occur to me sooner. More updates to follow to see if this is really a viable plan.

~N. 06/11/09

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