Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fuck MGCC Part I

At Scott's request, I am now going to start a series of posts on what I think about those jerks at MGCC letting me go.

I am not sure about the stages of grief, and I don't want to research it, but I think it's something like denial, anger, grief and acceptance. Possibly there is a fifth element (ha, inside movie joke coming...), but it definitely isn't love.

I did denial briefly, for most of the first month, when I pretended to myself that I *wanted* to take off the month of December, which the severance check covered, so it was practically a paid vacation, right? Sure, it sucked missing the big company party at the Hard Rock with the staff and superintendents - most of whom I had helped get started at the company, being myself one of the longest employees; and going down to the unemployment office on my BIRTHDAY; and not getting to do any of the goof around the office, eat cookies and treats the vendors send, and drink mimosas on the last day before the holiday (which is making me tear up right now, because that was sort of an in-joke with me and Dickhead #1 who let me go).

See, every time I think I might be angry, I get sad instead. They hurt my feelings letting me go. And it's fucked up that my feelings are still hurt. I get the business rationale. I understand that I was lucky to get a severance check and that the people let go after me probably didn't get as good a deal. I'm fortunate that President Obama got me the supplemental unemployment, and the extra 20 weeks, since I still haven't found anything comparable, and a break on my COBRA payments for a few months. There are still people working for those assholes who have had their hours and pay cut and they are stuck.

But my feelings are still hurt that I was first - I was the top of the list, quickest, most over-valued (overpaid?) person to go. Fuck you for stomping on me like that and fuck you for never really understanding what I did there. Looking for a new controller on Monster? That's because you morons never really understood the value of the non-field staff that support your company and pay for your trips to Vegas and Alaska and Chile and your boats and RVs, all of that I am *sure* you did not sacrifice while I am cutting my expenses to the bone to not go backwards financially. Fuck you, in case I did not state that clearly enough.

~Noelle 06/10/09

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Joe of Tampa said...

think the stages of grief are

I looked it up.
I think that your SO is absolutely correct in telling you to write about this and i think taking it personally is absolutely correct as well. Bosses, all of them, want everything from you and then they want to call it a business decision when they let you go. I bet it wasn't a business decision when they hired you. THAT TRANSACTION WAS PERSONAL BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR ACTUAL ADDITION TO THE BUSINESS WOULD BE.they made a decision based on you personally. Ultimately they treated you like crap, so you have to use that as a learning experience.-vent, don't forget, don't forgive, and live well(best revenge) If you have not read-who moved my cheese-make it the next thing you read. It is ironic that in the business world the first item on being successful is to make sure you are not beholden to one thing(source of income, vendor, etc) yet bosses expect their employees to be beholden to one payer.

Love joe