Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hockey mania

There are three big people and two small people in my living room cheering on the Pittsburgh Penguins - in vain I fear as I suspect the Redwings are going to take Game 3 tonight and Game 5 on Saturday to wrap it up. I have escaped up to my office where it is cool and quiet. It's not that I don't appreciate watching, it just got too crowded for me and kind of warm with all those bodies in that little room.

So I am here instead to provide the word count for the evening. I had no new writing or reading revelations today. Today was mainly a bookkeeping (the thing I do for money) day, plus my first day at aquarobics. I've been on the waiting list since last year some time (July? September?) and I was psyched to go. I had been to a similar class way back in '90 or '91 when I visited my mom in Chicago. (Wow, that was my early twenties.) The class tonight was about thirty people, mostly women, from mid-twenties to late-sixties in ages I would guess. It was about 60 minutes in the water, about half at a higher heart rate.

I managed to get out of the pool, get to the locker room, change, discuss my tattoos with a woman in her fifties who was very interested, get to the car, get home, get upstairs and flop on the bed with Scott, who had gotten home right before me. I was not able to get off the bed. LOL. Well, I knew I could if I needed to, but there seemed to be some sort of gravity well holding me there. In the words of Scott, I'm going to sleep GREAT tonight - that is after I get all these people out of my house.

I'm off to see the third period and hope for the best.

~Noelle 06/02/09

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