Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's beyond my control

I like routine. I like simple routines with plenty of padding on either side to get things done and without bad consequences. I like those routines to *not* be dependent on the whims or needs or actions of others. Based on this, I guess I should be Emily Dickinson, home alone upstairs in my room with my little writings and occasionally coming down for tea.

Instead, I have to deal with kid schedules and needs, which are mostly planned out by me but can have a wrench thrown into them by illness or a certain ex-husband; plus today doctor's appointments, which may be scheduled by me but are most certainly not controlled by me; plus the unexpected malfunction of a car, making getting all of the above coordinated a mighty effort.

My car didn't start yesterday morning. No problem, I borrowed the neighbor's car to get the girl to camp and rescheduled my dentist appointment. The car started later in the morning and again in the afternoon, so no worries. This morning, the car did not start. I borrowed the neighbor and her car to get girl to camp and me to the rental car place and onto the doctor, because it would be crazy impossible to reschedule the endocrinologist. I got to the doctor's office and waited a long time with the result that we are going to do more testing, but probably to no new conclusions. Oh, and I have to make a different appointment for tomorrow and collect my pee for 24 hours, yay, so I'll be back at the doc's again on Friday.

After giving blood, eating breakfast at 1:30 pm (had been fasting because I knew there would be blood work today) and picking up girl, I get home to rest briefly until I have to take malfunctioning car to shop (of course, it starts this time). I then get ride home from SO to get kids to take to dinner because the plan was for two of us to get dinner out, but father of children is "busy at work" so now we are four. And I am announcing here that I do not intend to take them out to a restaurant meal again until at least July 3rd. The novelty of eating out is gone so they aren't stunned into happy silence. They can't seem to sit and talk without arguing, so we let them bring electronics. Watching them be electronically sedated makes me crazy. So, I'm spending money to have them play video games and pick at their food. Forget it; they can do that at home for much less money, plus I can leave the room when I don't want to see them.

I have found a silver lining, though, if you'd like to hear it. I found The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood at the library last week. I forgotten how much I FUCKING LOVE her writing. I am in the process of reading it now and letting the more recent stuff fade away to the background while I get totally engrossed in this. Life does not totally suck.

~N. 06/17/09


Anonymous said...

First of all the enjoyment of eating out is gone from everyone including the servers. I reccomend getting the children involved in the process at home-have them look at recipe books plan the menu shop for the groceries let them do few of the steps of preperation(no cutting and no Heat while they are in the kitchen together) I know this sounds silly but make it into a contest, who can make the best meals for the family, make out a rating chart for taste, presentation, etc and let them compete. if anyone wants to compete it is these two.

Now the reason I am writing is actually that two things occurred this week 1. I picked up the best book I have read in years and it took me about 8 hours to finish it. Every time someone asks me what they should read for the next 365 days this is the book i will reccommend. it has everything mystery, sex, violence, action, history. I don't care if I am hyping it too much to para phase someone else "if you don't like this book you don't like yourself."

2. I also finished ZEN in the ART OF Writing. WOW this is the book that everyone should have to read in their first class of high school. PERIOD. it is confusing enough to be thought provoking but the ideas are universal applicable whether you want to write crime novels or national geographic articles or cover letters(which everyone has to write eventually), Thank you Noelle for that one. I am going to now read everything i can by Mr. Bradbury.
by the way the other book is
q and a now titled SLumdog Millionaire. I have not seen the movie but I will now just to see how much they left out.
This could have been a TV show to rival the run of MASH there is so much content.

Noelle said...

1. The Ray Bradbury book is a recommendation from my friend Colette ( and I found it tremendously insightful, too.

2. I was resisting reading Q and A because I don't like to follow the hype and Slumdog Millionaire was *really* getting hyped here. I will now put it on my list to read.

3. I'm not sure how I feel about giving over my kitchen to the kids, but I will seriously consider your suggestion. This gets to something else, which is that when I am really resistant to an idea, I try to mull it over and consider why...and now I have a new blog post idea. Thanks.)