Friday, June 12, 2009

Keeping the chain alive

This post should be about writing, or HAES, or some other compelling topic to keep me writing and you reading, but tonight it's about the specific idea of keeping the chain going.

This is an idea from various self-improvement guides - I think Leo at Zen Habits mentions it and it's one of the visuals from Joe's Goals (both sites I highly recommend for their simple but effective guidance). The idea is to pick a habit and track it visually such that you want to keep the chain of consecutive achievements going, whether it be red "x"'s on a calendar or little green circles with checks at Joe's.

I am having a great time with my reading habit - no surprise; my exercise habit - which I'm just restarting; and my writing habit - see the posts this month. I really want to keep the chain going, which is the motivational point and why these words are here for you tonight. Leo, and others whose names escape me right this minute, suggest just one goal at a time, maybe for a month to get it really ingrained and get it to stick. I, of course, will not do exactly as told so I am trying for exercise (walking or swimming) and writing since I think these two are separate enough activities to not get in the way of each other, other than allocating time for them both. And, if I can't get time to write 500 words and exercise for 30 minutes a day when I'm mostly unemployed with few kid responsibilities, how do I think I'm going to jimmy time in later this fall when I *have* to be working somewhere and we've got school commitments?

There you go. I've written on Friday night, three days in row and seven days in June. I've been to the pool five times plus had several days of walking that should count because it's more than my usual downstairs, upstairs, downstairs that makes up the day. I've feeling pretty good about this. Talk to you tomorrow.

~N. 06/12/09

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