Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Parenting Whine

And the chain is broken...It's been four days since I posted and I can tell you the number one and two reasons why - Thing One and Thing Two.

I'm still working through why the kids sap me of energy and purpose, but I guess the overreaching reason is that when they are here, I spend most of my mental energy worrying about them or planning for them or their needs or recovering from expending said mental energy. Saturday we took the girl to lunch, then dropped her off at her dad's, hung out for a while, then took an hour-plus drive to get the boy from Boy Scout camp (and back again). Got up on Sunday, took boy to lunch, retrieved girl, then back home to...goof off mainly, although there was laundry and dinner. Monday, up early to get girl to camp, back home to actually get some bookkeeping done, pick up girl, go bra shopping, make dinner, go to Boy Scouts, come home, watch TV and collapse.

I often ask myself where I think I'd get the energy to go back to work, when just dealing with these domestic issues exhausts me.

The other thing I've considered is that when they are here, my house is not a haven. And the SO feels this way, too. He talks about hiding out in our bedroom when they are both downstairs using the TV and computers and gaming systems. I know, I know, we need to assert ourselves as the adults to take control of the space. Part of the problem, as noted by Joe (Hi, Joe), is that every room (except the kid's bedrooms) has media of some kind - TVs, computers, gaming systems. The kitchen doesn't have anything, true, but it's open to the main rooms that do and the sound certainly intrudes. So at any time any of the three main electronics users can and usually are located in front of a sound-and-light-producing device. And I have to stop whining here, because I alone have an office that no one else is allowed into without permission. I guess what I don't like is the feeling that I've been chased into and trapped in my office by the minions that I supposedly rule. *rueful grin*

Oh well. The preceding post is really just a recap of some bitching I did earlier today, but now I get writing credit for putting it here. Ha. I'll try to think of something more gratifying or uplifting for tomorrow.

~N. 06/16/09

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