Monday, June 01, 2009

Something to write about

I was worried about coming up with ideas to write about in this blog. Ideas that I think are interesting enough to spend about 30 minutes writing and then are interesting enough to read later (or better, to have my future audience and/or agent read). I was worried about this on a low level all day today, because I really wanted to have a fresh start on the first day of the month and start blogging regularly. After percolating all day, something appeared. Yay.

Since my salaried job ended in December, not by my choice, I have been working slash hanging out at home. I have been doing some bookkeeping and house maintenance and kid maintenance, so I haven't been slacking too much. However, I am pretty much able to make my own schedule such that I don't usually go out if the weather is not pleasing. Like rainy or hot. And yesterday and today were wicked hot, so I managed to stay in until about six o'clock tonight when I had to go to Scouts to help with stuff.

It was not too hot when I left since it was getting into the early evening, plus I have A/C running as soon as I exit the garage. I went to Wendy's for a quick dinner, on to Scouts, then I drove my son to his dad's house where said son is spending the night until his dad's "vacation" with them ends tomorrow.

It might have been annoying to drive son 20 minutes in the opposite direction of my house to drop him off and then come all the way back again, but it was okay. I got to talk to son about his DC vacation and the plans for the week. I got to see daughter to say goodnight. And I had a leisurely drive home just after twilight, jamming to Stairway to Heaven.

It got me to thinking about this personal schedule I've developed going to bed late and getting up relatively late in the morning. I considered what it would be like to be on a more nocturnal schedule, where I would be at my most peppy and productive when other people are winding down. This idea got me thinking about the Stephen King book Cell that my best-husband-ever got for me in hardcover when it first came out. I'd started the book, but put it down about a third of the way through when I knew there was a large, dramatic, violent scene coming and I just wasn't ready at the time to read that. Now I'm thinking that I'd like to read the book, starting over from the beginning so I can recapture the story.

I'm in a good now because my night has been a success: got big brownie points for helping at Scouts; got to hang with my son; got a journalling/blogging idea; rediscovered and remembered a book I have on the shelf to read; and knocked out about 500 words, my goal for the day. Excellent.

~Noelle 06/01/2009

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