Saturday, June 20, 2009

Writing Manifesto

I have often considered that the books I want to write have already been written. I was devastated when Bridget Jones's Diary came out because I had that exact kind of book in mind. (Not that I had the book written or anything, just the idea that I would write *that* book.) When I was an early graduate student, I was preparing a book proposal on the importance of teaching kids to learn cursive writing and found a number of books on the subject had already been written. It's been about nine years since that class and I just found another on the subject on Amazon. I had a third example in mind when thinking about this subject last week, but it's escaped me. If I think of it, I'll update this post.

My point here is that even if my book ideas have already been written, it doesn't matter. Someone feel free to help me attribute this paraphrased quote, but all the ideas/stories have already been written. There are no new ideas, just different ways of expressing them. So, I have mentally, and I here typographically, uttered a manifesto that I can write the book(s) I want, even if others have gone before. What, did I think I was going to have the first original idea for a novel ever? More than one, actually? That I was going to break through with some great pedagological insights? Not without going to graduate school and writing a PhD thesis, I wasn't, and those tend to be reflections of what's gone before, is my impression.

I started a fiction piece yesterday that ties in to the concept I wanted to do for my first NaNoWriMo (incomplete) and that got subsumed into the second one (officially complete at 50,000 words, but not a coherent finished project). I'm sure something like The Common Senses has been done before, but that is not going to be an excuse for me to stop working on my own stuff.

Okay, enough said. I am mentally exhausted from supervising 4-5 kids today and the prospect of 4 tomorrow. Off to play solitaire now.

~N. 06/20/09

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