Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Resisting and ranting

Wow, I have been resisting writing like you would not believe. The last thing I wrote was a very short response to Joe's contribution to the fiction piece (see down a few entries). I have no good reason why. I'm going to speculate that having both kids here, as I did last week, makes it hard for me to concentrate on *anything* other than just getting through the day. (Interestingly, I sleep a LOT more when they are both here - I am definitely avoiding.) And the weekend was a complete boondoggle with Thing One getting sick and missing camping and Thing Two needing to be in Athens on Sunday and X being obtuse and stubborn about picking up and dropping off.

X: When you were being so damn clever finding a reasonably priced house near the highway, did you just not consider AT ALL that it was 15-20 minutes away from your kids and your parents? Did you not consider that you are a lazy fuck and that you would not want to get home from work, or stop working around the house, and come get and/or drop your kids off, as per your legal agreement? Do you see your parents less also, because you don't want to make the trek? There are hundreds of places to live nearby, but you choose to live just a few minutes farther away and now every visit with the kids requires negotiation with you. Do you think they won't notice? There is no chance they'll want to live with you permanently: you live too far from their friends and they KNOW THAT YOU ARE TOO LAZY TO TAKE THEM WHERE THEY WANT TO GO, namely, over *here* near the rest of their lives. You are a moron. /Rant

Okay, that's all for now. I think I feel better now.


Update: I resisted the resisting and added something to the piece with Joe. It's starting to go down a path that I've started (and stopped and stalled in) before and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I think I've got an idea now and it's *Joe's* turn to move the story along.

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