Thursday, September 10, 2009

What I'm doing

Hello to you if you found my blog through Facebook. I go back and forth about how public I want to be with my opinions and writing and right now "more public" is on an upswing, based a lot on the experiences I've had with comments re: President Obama's speech to the kids and before that the idea of basic healthcare being available to everyone, inexpensively.

I have been at home, collecting unemployment (which yes, the IRS defines as unearned, but taxable, income) since December 1, 2008. I've been diligently job searching: job boards, recruiters, networking activities, etc., but I have not yet been offered a position that comes anywhere close to my previous pay or even to the weekly unemployment check - I'm at the state maximum and that's about a third of what I was making before. So, since there is no incentive to go get a minimum wage job until some time in mid-October when the stimulus unemployment benefits run out (I am an example of that being useful - both the income and the significantly reduced COBRA prices), I have been working mostly at home on the aforementioned job search and other personal projects.

I've been doing some bookkeeping for a few small clients (note to GA DOL: I haven't been working for pay; I'll start getting paid when the unemployment runs out). I'm now taking the H&R Block tax course and its attendant homework. I'm closely monitoring the homework and grades of my children.

I've been working on the neverending process of getting my house to a more minimalist condition. (Hold on: I had to stop to laugh out loud. I have a pre-teen, a teen and a husband with extensive collections of media. It's a dream, but a persistent one.) I'm trying to manage my household, laundry and dishes never end, and my health, which has been a little turbulent this summer and fall. I've been writing, but not enough, although here you are witness to some more progress.

Lately, I've been reading, which is really the best part of this whole deal. I had been feeling so guilty about not getting a job that I didn't read much for the first six months or so after I got laid off. This summer, I finally got over that. I've got a ton of time in my day, way more than the conventional working eight hours, now that I don't commute anywhere or take a lunch break. Even after I do every possible thing in the above activities, there are still large expanses of free time in my week. I've started reading or re-reading the books in my collection to see if I want to keep them or sell or donate them. I've been reading suggested books out of the library, too, mainly that I find suggested on the several blogs I follow. I'm afraid I may not get a chance like this again and I'm trying to exploit it for all it's worth.



agwh said...

Bummer about the still-no-job situation. I had hoped that, by now, that would have been resolved.

At our house, we are also trying to cut back on some of the clutter, but it seems to come in faster than I can shovel it out the door. I have noticed that a lot of the boxes in the garage are Jake's, and I am not sure how long we will need to keep all of his stuff now that he has started graduate school. Could be awhile...

Would you be up to a cup of coffee sometime in the next couple of weeks? If so, call me!


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