Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting ready for November

Hi. I'm updating my blog because I've been travelling around the personal finance, simplicity and minimalist blogs leaving comments this week and I wanted anyone who tracked back to me to see that I really am a going concern.:~)

National Novel Writing Month starts in about 10 days and I'm getting ready for it. I've got a title: "The Distancing Effect of September," which was inspired by photography by Laura at Rabbit Hole Says Hello. I've got a theme: personal morality and ethics. I've got a tone: pretty dark, but with the intellectual humor that I cannot help but include. I have time: the temporary job did not work out as a permanent one; the interviewed job went to someone else; I have to be around at home for the first half of November to expedite Child 2's drama troupe performance and the second half of the month to receive out-of-town visitors.

Until tax season starts in January, I am planning on focusing on writing, spending no money and getting rid of more stuff from my house. More on all of these subjects later as I have to go get the Princess from rehearsal now. (Have I mentioned how much I like to write? Damn it, I need to do this more often.)

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