Friday, February 12, 2010

TV is fixed, I am a domestic goddess this week

I've been on Twitter and Facebook too often apparently, because lately I've been thinking about how to write updates regarding myself 1) in 160 characters or less and 2) in a way palatable to the wide spectrum of acquaintances I have on Facebook and that 3) such that said group of people even gives a fuck what I have to say.

Side note: everyone likes to discuss weather and bad news. Comments and follow up are guaranteed if you mention the weather, good or bad, or post about what lousy thing happened to you. The rules of conversation are the same in reality and virtual reality, I guess. Discussions of politics, sex, and money are pretty much off the table in both spheres, unless you are trying to advocate, and that's not really polite dinner conversation, either, is it?

Back on point: I can do updates a la FB and Twitter, but it's not enough. I don't get to say enough or expand my point or rant, which I dearly love to do. This was emphasized to me by an email I got from Colette (*wave*), which was long and multi-subject and VERY INTERESTING, which tweets really aren't.

Meet the new plan, same as the old plan. (I love The Who, don't you?) Public updates on my status that I feel the need to share will be *here* on the blog. If you read already, you get the email reminder about updates. I've put this blog address out in the cloud in a few places, so if people really want to know about it, they can find me. And, new, is formspring, with the potential for personal revelation or miscellaneous ramblings.

Oh, yeah. I finally got off my ass and found someone to fix the big screen TV, which had been out of commission for probably 2 months. I realized I actually missed watching TV in HD, which really is just fucking amazing. Not that I want to watch more TV, just that I want to watch it in really good quality. I've done other domestic goddess things, too, but I'm saving those discussions for another post.