Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cancelled my Facebook account

This note was to Colette specifically, but I decided it was a useful open letter to you, my friends who read my stuff. Naturally, I've edited it; I am a writer after all and the drafts are never final.

Hi. Thanks for your note asking how am I and where I've been. I'm fine. Tired from working 7 days/week doing taxes and working part-time for the crazy woman at the payroll company, but generally in good spirits.

You can't find me on Facebook anymore because I decided that Facebook was being a big time-suck. I tried doing it less, but it was still mostly a waste of time. Not willing to go cold turkey on social media, I'm still checking out Twitter, but its structure makes it much quicker to check (as long as I don't click on any links) and easier to get in and out of.

In lieu of wasting time online, I joined Bookswim. It's like Netflix for books (mostly new releases). I had done a lot of reading last week - mostly late at night - catching up to Timothy who was reading the Percy Jackson books and realized that I was wasting my reading time playing a few mindless games and on reading status updates and watching youtube links.

Worst time waster of all, I was getting emotionally involved in responding to people I went to high school/college with that I thought were idiots *then* and think are bigger idiots now. You may have had a chance to see my second-to-last post, where I actually lost my temper and called out a "friend" who was being an insufferable (sp?) bitch. I think that episode, where I got wound up about the insensitive rantings of a bimbo that I hadn't physically seen or spoken to since high school, really woke me to the idea that maybe Facebook was not bringing out my best qualities nor making me feel better at the end of a long day.

I'm overgeneralizing and being hyperbolic to some extent, but when I tried clearing out my friend list to the people I knew well, loved and wanted to hear from, I went from 154 to 34 with few qualms. Then I realized that with the exception of about 3 people, I was in contact with all those important to me people in other ways, or they are connections to Scott or my brother, so I could find them if I really needed to. I decided that the people I really want to stay in touch with can find me - or not. (NB: If you are reading this, then you are one of the special ones I want to stay in contact with. And you can assume that you were one of the few people whose status updates I *was* interested in.)

Naturally, I am leaving the door open to completely change my mind about this, but right now I am happy not to know the constant comings and goings of people who are in my periphery, or beyond.