Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Very, very mad

I just wrote a scathing thousand word poison pen letter to a person who said some malicious things to my brother-in-law - a situation that has all three of us wound up. I want to post it, because it is full of some really good vitriol, but I think that it would probably not be the best thing to put out in public, even with the light readership that my blog has.

Instead, I'll tell you that if you want to read it, I'll send you a copy. And I'll reaffirm here that I love Eric as a good, stand-up, honorable brother-in-law, and as the best friend to my husband that I love and that anyone who says any different is a lying, scheming, miserable...see, I have to stop. Email or comment if you want more info, or just let this lie as my space to vent.


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