Monday, December 27, 2010

Sick, and tired

I am sick. That is all.

Notes for tomorrow: Stephen King's The Stand, roller coasters, seeing the good in a lousy situation, detailed discussion of lousy situation and how it's nobody's fault, but it's still really fucking annoying.


Writing - done
Reading - done. Note: Wigfield is a TERRIBLE book.
De-committing - as soon as I'm past this, it's my top priority
Re-healthing - have to get back to a base point first, then we'll talk.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Home from the holiday

I was so early getting my post done yesterday that I forgot about the writing until right now. We left Savannah very early because we were worried about possible bad road conditions in Atlanta due to the huge amount of snow we'd heard about. When we left Savannah, it was raining and kind of cold. It got colder as we came west on I-16 and it was snowing on us most of the way from Statesboro to Macon. From Macon on, it was cold but clear. Fortunately, the roads in Atlanta were mostly clear, so we made great time getting back. It was bizarre seeing all the snow accumulation on the yards and trees back at home.

I love my children, but it was very nice to get home, after a quick side trip to the grocery store, to peace and quiet. We unloaded the car, had a quick lunch and then I promptly fell asleep in the easy chair while SO did whatever it is he does on the computer - a restful end to a quiet holiday.


Writing - done
Reading - maybe, I'll see what's next to the bed
De-committing - found the stuff I need to close one old bookkeeping client out, I'll call tomorrow
Re-healthing - ate reasonably all day

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Savannah holiday, day 2

I came down to the business office so I could use their computer to type, which is of course significantly faster and less annoying than trying to type on the droid phone. Once I got here, of course, I had to go check Facebook, check my mail, check FB again, play Las Vegas slots, check the status updates of friends whose updates don't show up in my usual feed because they often annoy me, go play a game of Xenocrate 2 (which is much trickier with an unfamiliar mouse) and FINALLY get over here to write. It might be for the best though, because I really, really did not want to write anything even 45 minutes ago but now I have an idea I want to record before I lose it.

It occurs to me that our personalities are a compilation of our inherited traits from our parents and the outside forces we're under - family life, friends, the people we spend time with in the various places we live, etc. This comes to mind because I have a pair of people in my life who remind me almost exactly of each other, even though they live nowhere near each other, are not biologically related, and have met maybe twice. Their Venn diagrams of family members do overlap, though, so I think some of what be happening is that both of them may be the products of living in the same place (give or take 5 miles) for their whole lives. And I think that I would have been them, except for the fortune of getting to move around so much in my youth. I love to speculate on "what if," it's my favorite story starting point. I don't know if I'll do anything with this idea, but I wanted to record it in case I forget.

Snow/freezing rain in Atlanta today, sunny and 56 in Savannah. This was definitely the better place to be this weekend. SO and I are off to fancy dinner this evening, then chilling in the hotel room and back home tomorrow in time for puck drop.


Writing - see above
Reading - got the book with me, going into the lobby for a while
De-committing - agreed to talk to someone Sunday to transition out of his stuff
Re-healthing - tilapia, rice, broccoli for lunch.

Friday, December 24, 2010

In Savannah on vacation

So this is my dilemma: I'm in the hotel room; I want to write (Colette was right, of course); and I have only a teeny tiny droid phone to type on. This is kinda cool though, I'm talking into the phone instead of typing. This reminds me of the Isaac Asimov books, the Foundation ones, where the girl talks into voice recognition software to write her school paper. It seemed so futuristic at the time in the early 80's, but now I've got this basic program, or I could get the Dragon software which supposed to be the bomb.

Okay, the voice recognition is not as great as hoped. I had to edit a bunch of stuff above and now it's just faster to type. I'll try to get an earlier start tomorrow and go post from the business center downstairs.


Writing - done
Reading - book is in bag, about to be done
De-committing - not yet, I have to text people on Sunday
Re-healthing - let's discuss next week

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Decline and Fall?

I don't want to write, I really don't. I want to sleep. And so, I am doing the minimum write, the just barely producing any words, just enough to say I wrote for the day. The question becomes then - will I get more motivated tomorrow, pick up the pen (press down on the keys?) and get back on the horse or other metaphor and start seriously writing again or is this the beginning of the end? Hmm, only tomorrow knows, and he's actually the backup catcher in for Carlton Fisk. Many, many points to you for getting those couple of old references.


Writing - done, see above
Reading - going to read Margaret Atwood short story now
De-committing - no progress today, but I thought about it
Re-healthing - did not eat fast food on the way home, this is progress.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Really? Really?

Did I really say every day? Did I really try to commit to writing EVERY DAY? You know whose fault this is? It's Gretchen Rubin over at The Happiness Project.

This the link that suckered me in:

I was going through my email yesterday and got drawn into her web of positive self-talk and reasonable self-improvement and somehow got the idea to re-commit to some personal behaviors that I want to improve. And I saw it early in the evening when I'd had a sensible dinner and only a little tv and I was back upstairs at a reasonable hour with some time to kill and was not falling asleep at my desk. (Please note that this is the opposite of tonight's scenario.)

Not to worry, I don't think it will last. I had a shelf full of diaries with one to ten entries. (Can you use reverse psychology on yourself?)

Thanks to EY for posting on my Facebook tonight and keeping me awake long enough to remember this goal.


Writing - done
Reading - will be done before bed, new Margaret Atwood short stories
De-committing - not done, but I might have a plan
Re-healthing - ate carrots two days in a row, and apple with lunch yesterday

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A New Year

I decided to be different than everyone else and start my new year this year with this winter solstice. I decided this so that I could start my new year's resolutions early - including 1) writing every day, 2) reading every day, 3) reducing my personal commitments to have time to do 1. and 2. and be with Scott as much as possible, and 4) getting in better shape so I'll stop feeling like I'm dying every morning and evening.

As I was considering how clever I was to use a natural calendar instead of the calendar one, I remembered that I used to think of my year as beginning in August - influenced of course by the start of the school year - and as I now have the children to consider it is still the beginning of our busiest time that carries on all the way through the end of May, when we have the summers to re-boot.

I just broke away to google August and it turns out the the second week of August is Elvis Week. That settles it then. August 16, 1977 was when Elvis began the last and most important phase of his own deification, so that's the beginning of my year. (It was a Tuesday. I was sitting on the floor in the apartment in Engamore Lane playing as my mother ironed clothes above me on the ironing board above me when I heard the news on the radio. I have no idea why this memory has been so persistent.)

Credit goes to Sharlys the Amazing (trademark) for observing once that with the hysteria over Elvis during and after his life that he had the potential to become the center of his own religion. If I have to choose a religion in the coming sectarian strife, Elvis seems a good enough one. Maybe more on that later.


Writing - done
Reading - done
De-committing - not done
Re-healthing - not done