Thursday, December 23, 2010

Decline and Fall?

I don't want to write, I really don't. I want to sleep. And so, I am doing the minimum write, the just barely producing any words, just enough to say I wrote for the day. The question becomes then - will I get more motivated tomorrow, pick up the pen (press down on the keys?) and get back on the horse or other metaphor and start seriously writing again or is this the beginning of the end? Hmm, only tomorrow knows, and he's actually the backup catcher in for Carlton Fisk. Many, many points to you for getting those couple of old references.


Writing - done, see above
Reading - going to read Margaret Atwood short story now
De-committing - no progress today, but I thought about it
Re-healthing - did not eat fast food on the way home, this is progress.

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CMPetersen said...

Do not dispair. Even that Happiness Project lady admitted in the book that some days she didn't feel like doing her one thing.

You can do whatever you set your mind to. So I know tomorrow will be a full writing day.