Sunday, December 26, 2010

Home from the holiday

I was so early getting my post done yesterday that I forgot about the writing until right now. We left Savannah very early because we were worried about possible bad road conditions in Atlanta due to the huge amount of snow we'd heard about. When we left Savannah, it was raining and kind of cold. It got colder as we came west on I-16 and it was snowing on us most of the way from Statesboro to Macon. From Macon on, it was cold but clear. Fortunately, the roads in Atlanta were mostly clear, so we made great time getting back. It was bizarre seeing all the snow accumulation on the yards and trees back at home.

I love my children, but it was very nice to get home, after a quick side trip to the grocery store, to peace and quiet. We unloaded the car, had a quick lunch and then I promptly fell asleep in the easy chair while SO did whatever it is he does on the computer - a restful end to a quiet holiday.


Writing - done
Reading - maybe, I'll see what's next to the bed
De-committing - found the stuff I need to close one old bookkeeping client out, I'll call tomorrow
Re-healthing - ate reasonably all day

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