Friday, December 24, 2010

In Savannah on vacation

So this is my dilemma: I'm in the hotel room; I want to write (Colette was right, of course); and I have only a teeny tiny droid phone to type on. This is kinda cool though, I'm talking into the phone instead of typing. This reminds me of the Isaac Asimov books, the Foundation ones, where the girl talks into voice recognition software to write her school paper. It seemed so futuristic at the time in the early 80's, but now I've got this basic program, or I could get the Dragon software which supposed to be the bomb.

Okay, the voice recognition is not as great as hoped. I had to edit a bunch of stuff above and now it's just faster to type. I'll try to get an earlier start tomorrow and go post from the business center downstairs.


Writing - done
Reading - book is in bag, about to be done
De-committing - not yet, I have to text people on Sunday
Re-healthing - let's discuss next week

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