Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A New Year

I decided to be different than everyone else and start my new year this year with this winter solstice. I decided this so that I could start my new year's resolutions early - including 1) writing every day, 2) reading every day, 3) reducing my personal commitments to have time to do 1. and 2. and be with Scott as much as possible, and 4) getting in better shape so I'll stop feeling like I'm dying every morning and evening.

As I was considering how clever I was to use a natural calendar instead of the calendar one, I remembered that I used to think of my year as beginning in August - influenced of course by the start of the school year - and as I now have the children to consider it is still the beginning of our busiest time that carries on all the way through the end of May, when we have the summers to re-boot.

I just broke away to google August and it turns out the the second week of August is Elvis Week. That settles it then. August 16, 1977 was when Elvis began the last and most important phase of his own deification, so that's the beginning of my year. (It was a Tuesday. I was sitting on the floor in the apartment in Engamore Lane playing as my mother ironed clothes above me on the ironing board above me when I heard the news on the radio. I have no idea why this memory has been so persistent.)

Credit goes to Sharlys the Amazing (trademark) for observing once that with the hysteria over Elvis during and after his life that he had the potential to become the center of his own religion. If I have to choose a religion in the coming sectarian strife, Elvis seems a good enough one. Maybe more on that later.


Writing - done
Reading - done
De-committing - not done
Re-healthing - not done

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