Saturday, April 09, 2011

Oh, look, it's the tax office again.

I had started a vent back on April 9th about being in the tax office and bored, but now I get to update it with "in the tax office and sick and bored." It pisses me off that, even though I deliberately took off Friday - Monday thinking that I might get sick due to overdoing everything at the end of tax season, I actually DID get sick and am spending my free, paid-by-work, time off being sick and miserable.

I seem to recall a lot more walk-ins last year, such that I, as a new person to the office and without any returning clients, stayed busy all day on Saturdays. I've had a few walk-ins this year, but mostly returning clients with appointments. What it means is that last Saturday and the one before I've been sat without anything constructive to do for hours. (Which is fine, actually, I really don't want to talk to anybody anyway.)

Because this is operating like a diary, I am keeping the following entry from April 9:
The other problem is that I am wicked tired because I ended a full work week by attending a night hockey game with the fam. Friday was kind of crappy day anyway: a bunch of duplicative emails from my regional HR rep and my administrator; the prospect of going through every payroll file for 2009 and 2010 for the auditors; humid weather; a new office which is only partly organized and is therefore stressing me out with my inability to find anything or everything quickly; employees who are sick, or injured, or not wanting to fulfill the basic licensing requirements for their positions. Quite a list - it always makes me happy to have a very long sentence with multiple colons and semi-colons.

After work I went and collected the children - who knew I was going to be home at 5:30 but still were not fully dressed and electronically equipped when I got there. Then we went and got the SO and he drove us down to the arena to watch the game.