Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday of Memorial Day weekend

I told Tiffany not to stress about blogging, that she could blog in paragraphs and not to stress about blogging in long essays. Today, I wish to blog in short complaints.

*I like the temperature to be cool in my office, but I hate the feeling of the cold air coming out of the vent and on to my shoulders.

*I don't the white noise of fans. I like quiet and/or some ambient city traffic noise.

*I do not enjoy the chirping of birds. It's piercing and annoying and often reminds me of the very annoying bird (possibly a peacock) that hung out behind the house the summer of Timothy when all I wanted to do was sleep.

*I do like the chirping of crickets at twilight when I'm sitting on the porch doing nothing and it's not too hot, too cold or too humid. They'd be distracting if I was trying to write, though.

*I hate what a time and brain suck Facebook is, but I'm paranoid that I'm going to miss some great bon mot if I don't check it. Logically, I know this is completely false, as Scott or Tim will find good stuff and share it with me, so I'm aggravated at my inability to just quit cold turkey.

*The best thing I've ever seen via Facebook was the full length Darth Vader Volkswagen ad. I'm ready to starting crying with laughter just thinking about how adorable and funny it was. Note: as mentioned above, Scott gets credit for bringing it to my attention.

*Rats. Writing has put me in a better mood. I'll have to complain more later. I'm sure I'll find some grist for the mill.