Thursday, July 14, 2011

Already Thursday

There is a reason that one of the category choices for my labels for these posts is "venting." I seem to spend a lot of time bitching about things here. And what's worse, the things I write down are probably a tenth of the complaints about things I think about during the day.

I'm not saying I'm totally immersed in annoying people and situations, but I do feel like a novice swimmer off the coast of Australia who has somehow found herself in the midst of a school of those really scary kind of jellyfish - box jellyfish I think they are called (although I might be confusing the scary jellyfish from Australia with the ones in the Will Smith movie called "8" something) - where the jellyfish are the stupid people, in case you missed that. (/snark)

(Btw, the title of the post refers to the previous post where I complained about it only being Tuesday and now the week is running out fast and it's already Thursday night and I know I'm not going to get everything done tomorrow that I needed for the week. "Really?" as we say here, "Really?")

**Right here is the ending to this post. I rewrote it five times and didn't like it any of those times. Fuck it, I am really going to bed now.**


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