Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Only Tuesday

I have decided to get a little ahead of the curve and write early in the evening instead of later, when I may (unbelievably) feel too tired to type.

It's only Tuesday. Dog as my witness, I would have bet money on it being Thursday, or least a little closer to the end of the work week.

My payroll week at work runs Thursday to Wednesday, so I spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday fretting about how we did over the weekend and can we improve our efficiency (for "hours per patient per day") to meet our budget AND not go into too much overtime AND not blow the budget for support staff. All of the above measures based on formulas based on our resident census which is a figure completely beyond my control. As is most of the scheduling.

So I spend a lot of time stressing about how to move my little corner of the couch while a whole bunch of people are sitting on it, eating my Cheetos, drinking my Diet Cokes and overstaying their welcome in general.

I am very pleased with that imagery and will now quit while I'm ahead. Dinner still to cook, TV show to watch, flute to practice.


ETA: I typed this an hour ago, but Scott's computer wouldn't let me post it. The "save now" button worked, but not the "publish post" button. Odd.

Also, have just discomforted my daughter by using the expressions "Holy Cow" and "'Sup?" in sequence. I'm an enigma to her.

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