Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to be classy when talking

I went to today to update my profile and now I get to be the featured personal website of the day. I better get some damn new stuff posted then, huh?

Last night I was ranting to Scott about the cost of replacing the brakes on Thing 1's car. (Let me be clear, it's owned and most operations paid for by the two responsible parents, but operated by the teenager, so he thinks it's his.) I was debating whether it's worth just buying new-ish cars and getting screwed by the dealer with the overpricing (I'm looking at you, Town Center Nissan) versus buying older used cars and getting screwed by the seller with getting a car that is definitely going to need $2000+ worth of work in the first year if past history is any guide.

Anyway, I was using some graphic sexually imagery to describe how I thought the car buying process takes place, forgetting that T1 was doing his (Georgia Tech!) Calculus III homework at the dining room table. He started laughing hysterically. "My friends totally don't believe me when I tell them that conversations like this take place at my house!" he says. Great, we are the tacky, trash-talking parents. Good thing I can roll out the graduate degree in writing if I need to - I can say I was being ironic or something. *eyeroll*

Future possible blogs:

*A friend in college who used, overused and I think incorrectly used "ironic" nearly every day of our freshman year. It made me avoid the word for a very long time.

*The definition of "moot": I know the purists want it to mean "open to debate," but common usage has long since changed it to "beyond discussion" or "over."

*The same thing is happening to "literally," (has already happened in the South), but I am fighting it.