Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Not my most humble post

I fascinate me.

I've been re-reading my blog posts over the last few days after Neuf 'fessed up that he had been reading my blog and think there is a lot of interesting stuff that I've written, or that the stuff was not necessarily interesting to anyone other than me but my writing amused me or invoked a really clear memory for me.

I had been avoiding it because I'm conflicted about: 1) not really wanting to write for a long time (months into years now) and 2) not necessarily wanting to share myself with the world at large who may end up being assholes and not the agent or editor of my dreams who randomly finds my writing and offers me a book deal.

However, now that I've re-read a bunch of it, plus a whole other blog I had forgotten about, I think maybe I should risk the public attention (not too worried yet, I only have six subscribers and I may lose one soon) and write.


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