Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I got nothin'

I really, really, really want to put up a blog post today - I had a breakthrough at work; I'm feeling pretty good; my children are all in a stable place today; I've got plans for the night with Neuf and some coworkers I like; and I'm feeling pretty zen thanks to Leo Babauta.

However, as I start to write, I just feel like there isn't anything new and revelatory to put on the page. (Note: I've spelled "revelatory" correctly, but the spell checker doesn't like it. They need to update that. I guess I should be happy that they know what "archaic" means. [Subnote: if you get that book and movie reference, I will buy you lunch the next time I see you.])

Sometimes it has to just be about the act of writing and not that this particular item is the thing that is going to break free and be the great new inspiration for the ages. And old habits die hard: I just tried to do a word count to see where I was.

Okay, I'm feeling all proud of myself now. I'm going off to consider some rules for myself and work on my current and future happiness.